Nescafe Excella Fuwa Cafe Latte Half & Half Instant Coffee 30 sachets (135 grams)

Nestlé Japan

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Nescafe Excella Fuwa Cafe Latte Half & Half Instant Coffee. Nescafe "sticks" are all-in-one individually wrapped instant coffee sachets. Excella Fuwa Latte Half & Half is made with Nestle's own "Silky Crema Recipe". Reduced calories and fat by half (only 16 calories per serving). A delicious coffee that you can enjoy with smooth authentic coffee latte creamy foam made easily at home. Enjoy hot or cold!  The secret of deliciousness is Nestlé's proprietary technology.

Hot: Just put one sachet in a mug, add hot water (180ml). Stir lightly and enjoy. 

Ice: Pour a half cup of hot water (90 ml) into a mug and gently mix in one sachet of coffee. Add "plenty of ice" and stir.

Size: Height: 15 cm. Width: 12 cm. Depth: 7.5 cm., 135 gram package, (4.5 grams x 30 Packets).

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