(AGF) Blendy Drip Coffee Mocha Blend 18 packs (126 grams)

Ajinomoto General Foods

  • $7.90

AGF Blendy Drip Mocha Coffee. One package contains 18 individual ready to "drip brew" packets (coffee filter bag, drip bag).  "Blendy" drip pack, by roasting carefully with Ajinomoto AGF's own "T2ACMI roasting" technology makes for a rich fragrance and a clear rich taste to the last drop. Please enjoy a delicious cup anytime anywhere! Ethiopia Mocha beans provide a sweet scent and a soft aftertaste.

Richness: ■■■ □□ Acidity: ■■■■ □ Bitterness: ■■ □□□

Made from Coffee Beans from Ethiopia and Brazil.

Size: Height: 13 cm. Width: 15 cm. Depth: 10 cm. Weight: 126 grams (7 grams x 18 packs).

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