(AGF) Maxim Instant Aroma Select Blend Instant Coffee

(AGF) Maxim Aroma Select Blend Instant Coffee (135 grams)

Ajinomoto General Foods

  • $8.90

(AGF) Maxim Aroma Select Blend Instant Coffee has a full aroma and a deep smooth flavor.  Carefully roasted and carefully selected coffee beans from Brazil and Columbia using AGF's own "T2ACMI roasting". In order to make the deep rich taste, roasting is applied by adjusting the time and temperature of roasting the coffee beans and by the torrent fire reduction. Instant coffee where you can enjoy a rich flavor and fresh brewed coffee aroma. Please enjoy this taste, straight first.

Size: Height: 17 cm. Width: 11 cm. Depth: 5.5 cm. 135 gram package.

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