(UCC) Gold Special Coffee Special Blend Ground Coffee

(UCC) Gold Special Coffee Special Blend Ground Coffee (400 grams)

Ueshima Coffee Co., Ltd

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(UCC) Gold Special Special Blend Ground Coffee.  It is a very popular coffee characterized by a sweet scent and rich flavor.  Confidently made by UCC pursuing a sense of taste that remains fresh cup after cup. Coffee that is chosen by those who want to drink plenty of tasty coffee that everyone loves. Brazilian beans as a base, it features sweet scent and flavorful richness. Rich in Brazilian body texture, a savoriness like almonds goes well with the fragrance of cookies. Made from high quality coffee beans from Brazil and Columbia.  Milled coffee ready to brew.

Size: Height: 23 cm. Width: 14 cm. Depth: 5 cm. Weight: 400 grams.

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