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Nittoh & Tirol Cocoa Cafe Mocha 8 Sticks (92 grams)


Nittoh & Tirol Cocoa Cafe Mocha 8 Sticks. Classic Tirol Chocolate with Mocha. (This product is manufactured by Mitsui Norin Co., Ltd. (Nittoh Tea) under the supervision of Tyrol Chocolate Co., Ltd)....

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Nittoh & Tirol Cocoa Cafe Mocha 8 Sticks. Classic Tirol Chocolate with Mocha. (This product is manufactured by Mitsui Norin Co., Ltd. (Nittoh Tea) under the supervision of Tyrol Chocolate Co., Ltd). Nitto & Tirol Cafe Mocha is a Stick-Type Cafe Mocha inspired by the long-selling (coffee nougat) of Tirol chocolate.  Please enjoy Cocoa and Coffee, two delicious Richnesses and Fragrances.


Contains Calcium and vitamin D, so it's ideal even for children.  (With warm milk is also Delicious).  Enjoy the Perfect Harmony of the Sweetness of Mocha and Chocolate together with Coffee.  A Delicious Cafe Mocha that you can enjoy anytime Hot or Cold! 


Individually packed convenient sticks, so each cup is always fresh. It's just right for office breaks or anytime at work or home.


Instructions:  (How to Brew).   Just by putting one stick in a cup and pouring hot water, you can easily enjoy an authentic Nittoh & Tirol Cocoa Cafe Mocha anytime.

Hot: Pour one stick in a cup of hot water (120ml), stir well and enjoy. 

Iced: Pour 1 stick into hot water (120ml). Add several pieces of ice and stir well until it becomes cold. (For a Creamy Cafe Mocha Latte use Milk instead of Water)


Nutrition:  Energy: 46kcal, Protein : 0.7g, Lipid : 0.8g, Carbohydrate : 9.1g, Salt equivalent: 0.12g, Calcium: 213mg, Vitamin D: 0.6μg


Ingredients:  Sugar, dextrin, skim milk powder, instant coffee, vegetable oil, cocoa powder, salt, milk protein / shellfish calcium, flavor (derived from milk), phosphates (Ca, K, Na), Zinc Viscous agent (CMC-Na), casein Na, emulsifier, sweetener (acesulfame K, sucralose), vitamin D


Size:  Height: 20 cm. Width: 10.5 cm. Depth: 5 cm. Weight: 92 grams (8 Sticks x 11.5 grams)


Disclaimer:  Japanese Green Tea Shops strives to display the latest product information on our site, but the product specifications (Capacity, Package Design, IngredientsCountry of origin, etc.) may change due to the manufacturer's circumstances.  For this reason, the product information that is actually delivered may differ from the product information displayed on our site. Please be sure to check the product label and precautionary statement of the delivered product before use. If you need more detailed product information, please contact the manufacturer.


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