(AGF) Blendy Stick Cocoa Au Lait (Cocoa) Instant Coffee (21 Sticks)

(AGF) Blendy Stick Cocoa Au Lait (Cocoa) Instant Coffee 21 Sticks (231 grams)

Ajinomoto General Foods

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(AGF) Blendy  Cocoa Au Lait (Cocoa) Instant Coffee "sticks" are all-in-one individually wrapped instant cocoa containers.  Just add one "stick" (sachet) to hot water for a delicious cup of Cocoa Au Lait with a fantastic cocoa flavor.  The popular Blendy stick series "Cocoa ole" is a stick type cocoa that you can enjoy the mellowness of rich cocoa and milk. To prepare simply put one stick in a cup, pour hot water and stir well! Rich fragrance and richness with plenty of milk. The sweet harmony of cacao and milk is perfect for cold mornings in winter and before going to bed. Relax with a blending stick "Cocoa Ole" that you can easily enjoy everyday.

Size: Height: 13.5 cm. Width: 14 cm. Depth: 6.5 cm. Weight:  231 grams (21 Sticks x 11 grams).

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