Kataoka Bussan Tsujiro Matcha Milk Soft Flavor (200 grams)

Kataoka Japan

  • $8.39

Kataoka Bussan Tsujiro Matcha Milk Soft Flavor. To bring out the rich taste, two kinds of Uji/Kyoto green tea are carefully selected.  "Tsujiro Matcha Milk Soft Flavor" inherits the passion and aspiration for unchanging tea from Tsujiro's founder, Tsuyoshiemon, to revive tea's enjoyment and charm for this Matcha milk series.  It has a soft taste in harmony with the richness of milk. Just by adding hot water (or milk), you can easily enjoy the real authentic taste. "Tsujiro Matcha milk soft taste" leads to the most pleasant awakening in the morning. An excellent item that goes well breakfast toast and many other foods as well. Enjoy a deliciousness that you can relax with on a busy morning, harmonizing the richness of milk and bitter-sweetness of green tea ground with a stone mill. Start the day with a pleasant feeling, or take a relaxing moment anytime during a busy day.

Hot:  Put in a cup, pour 140 cc hot water (or milk), stir well.

Iced:  Put it in a glass as it is, stir well with water (or milk) and add 2 to 3 ice cubes.

Frozen:  Lightly freeze the "Tsujiro Matcha milk soft taste" melted in milk for about 3 hours.  (Since it dissolves in water or milk, you can just sprinkle it as is over ice cream!).

Height: 16 cm. Width: 15 cm. Depth: 3 cm., 200 gram bag.

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