(AGF) Blendy Stick Espresso Instant Coffee 30 Sticks (255 grams)

Ajinomoto General Foods

  • $10.50

(AGF) Blendy Espresso Instant Coffee 30 "sticks" are all-in-one individually wrapped instant coffee containers. Just add one "stick" (sachet) to hot water for a delicious cup of Espresso.  Creamy & Suite taste you can enjoy in your favorite mug. Fresh and easy to carry because it is packaged individually for each cup. It can be carried to offices and outdoors. Recommended for every occasions.  Less sweetness using this Espresso type coffee, (Reduced sugar by 60%). 

Size: Height: 13.5 cm. Width: 14 cm. Depth: 8.5 cm. Weight: 255 grams, (30 Sticks x 8.5 grams).

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